Confinement Telephone Specialists

ATN provides inmate phones for adult jails, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities.  We are confinement telephone specialists, providing complete engineering, installation, and management of turnkey systems.  

Earn $$ HIGH COMMISSIONS $$ with NO cost, responsibility, or liability to you as the facility manager or property owner. It is our goal to provide excellent service, high quality technical support, and modern computer controlled equipment to all our customers.


The AmTel furnished equipment offers fully automated operator services for all station-to-station and person-to-person collect calls. The system limits client access to a live operator eliminating the opportunity for operator deception and fraud, thereby improving system security and profitability.

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Validation Services

Inmate providers, large and small, stop revenue losses due to collect call validation problems. These losses, regardless of source, can be crippling for any provider. ATN has developed a value added validation service available to all inmate collect call telephone providers at reasonable costs.

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Discount Dialing Plan

For our direct dialing plans, the amount of credit you are eligible for will be limited by ATN to $25.00 for overall usage.  Customers exceeding this limit will be blocked from receiving further collect calls. A Discount Dialing Plan will be mandatory for all customers blocked for excessive credit balances. Once your account is set up as prepay, it will stay prepay. Credit limits are subject to change without notice.

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